Friday, July 27, 2018

HP Omen Laptops: Playing PC Games Without Limitations

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There is an easy way for you to tell whether someone is truly a die-hard gamer. Just ask the person if he or she plays games on a console or on PC. The answer is expected. Many hardcore gamer play their favorite games on the console. The consoles are very cheap in the market. Not too many people play games on the PC because of resolution issues and the unstable nature of the games when being played on PC. If you really want to play games on the PC you would need a gaming PC with high resolution and great stability like the HP Omen laptops. The number one problem with gaming PCs in the past is their portability. Gaming laptops have been around for some time now. Another problem is about space for cooling compared to desktops is demoralizing. There is also a problem with upgrading the components. This became a big discouragement for people who love to play games on-the-go.

However, the latest range of Omen gaming laptops from HP has solved all the issues with gaming laptops. Here are the reasons why the Omen range of laptops is well suited for gaming anywhere you go.


  1. Overclocking – Overclocking is one of the techniques used in the past by PC gamers. It is a process where you run a PC processor like the graphics processor at clock speeds that are far faster than the original speed in order to perform better. But the issue with overclocking is that it makes the PC run hotter. So, it will require cooling for some time. This is way beyond the power of gaming laptops. However, Omen X gaming laptop from HP is the very first gaming laptop that allows overclocking. This is because it comes with two high performing fans and four 3.5m heat pipes which help to absorb heat.

  2. Powerful graphics and processors – All the HP Omen gaming laptops run on the fastest Intel’s 8th generation Core i7 processor. It comes with Core i7–7820 HK quad-core processor. This helps for better and enjoyable gaming. These gaming laptops from HP have the much-needed processing power that you need to enjoy your favourite games with unparallel stability. Also, the graphic comes with the nvidia GTX graphic processor. This is the graphics processor that all gamers love. HP Omen range of laptops is the real deal for gaming. If you want to play your favourite games anywhere and anytime, just go for any of the HP Omen gaming laptops and enjoy yourself.


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