Sunday, July 29, 2018

Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner Review

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Xiaomi has come out to re-brand our home with the introduction of Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner. However, Xiaomi is a Chinese company that has been leading in the quest to improving the lifestyle of its users.

Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner


Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner has a horse power of about 1.5 hp, level 3 efficiency and supports temperature control of about 0.1oC. In addition, it can be remotely controlled with Mijia Application (Mi Home mobile application), meaning that the user can remotely on the air conditioner while coming home, and come back to enjoy a room with difference. The newly launched Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner has a  minimalist design which comes with white colour. The Smart Air Conditioner shows its power when cooling and heating the environment of up to 23 square meters in a matter of minutes.

Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner

The Xiaomi has three modes of operation which includes:

  • The balance temperature mode – the Smart Air Conditioner works at a power of about 1700W.

  • The average temperature mode – the Smart Air Conditioner works at a power of about 2200W.

  • The low temperature mode – the Smart Air Conditioner works at a power of about 3840W.

Xiaomi Smart Air Conditioner


Its performance is superb and it gives a comfortable temperature in home, office or any indoor environment. The noise generated by this product is about 42dB, this is the same noise generated by a refrigerator in good state. However, the Smart Air Conditioner is considered to be quite silent when it is on.


The warranty for Smart Air Conditioner product is 6 – years. The market breaking price of Smart Air Conditioner is estimated to be about 280 euros, and it is currently limited to those living in China. However, with time it will be seen in most recognised digital import stores in your location.

Finally, the Smart Air Conditioner with the Mi home application can be synchronise and customise in your home, office and any indoor environment, as well as manipulate it from a few distance to your home or office.



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