Sunday, August 12, 2018

OPPO Find X Tear down

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OPPO is one of the manufacturers of smartphones in the world. The company officially Launch its flagship smartphone OPPO Find X  on 29 June, 2018. It adopts third generation AIE technology, but it also supports VOOC technology. However, to unlock the phone, the flagship adopts OPPO Facekey 3D structure which is much safer than facial recognition technique. But the fundamental issue is, how can we tear down OPPO Find X? However, the following guild will help you achieve your aim.


Step one

Remove the SIM card tray at the bottom of the phone with a clip.


The phone back cover is designed in such a way that it can only be removed by applying heat. Apply a heat of about 104oC and heat up the back cover of the phone for approximately 5 minutes, this process will melt the glue that holds the back cover and the cushion. Then, separate the back cover of the phone from the phone body.





After a successful separation of the back cover, it is observed that the phone body adopts 3 – stage design. The foam observed after removing the back-cover function as a cushion. In addition, it is observed that the phone battery has a capacity of about 4000mAh and has a limited charge voltage of about 4.4V with small battery size.




Step two

Remove the component between the motor and the dual – track periscope. The component helps to move the motor into the dual – track periscope structure for it to move upwards or downwards. However, the dual -track periscope structure is connected to the phone motherboard. Firstly, remove the remove the second plate which provides help for the dual – track periscope structure. After removing the second plate, a foam can be seen on the back of the second plate, it protects the motherboard, cable and connectors, prevent vapour and dust from entering the phone.

Step three

Remove the motherboard together with the dual – track periscope structure, also remove the motor which is a component of dual -track periscope structure. It is also observed that most of the glass cover plate in the phone is covered by double – sided tape, then uncover the tape.




These are the few steps required to tear down OPPO Find X. The phone has the most complicated structure, there are a total of 41 screws on the phone body and many other small components. Observations have it that the phone has an  excellent design and good heat dissipation performance.


OPPO  through OPPO Find X has once more showcase its can compete favorably with other smartphone producers. With the introduction of dual – track periscope structure designed to give the smartphone its durability, the is no doubt one of the best phones produced so far. However, the phone uses many screws and small components which makes the tear down process very difficult and there is a high risk when tearing down the phone.

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