Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sony Xperia XA3 live pictures revealed in latest online video leaks

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We are expecting Sony to make official announcement concerning the Sony Xperia XZ4 during the MWC event later this month. But while we are not yet sure about the Xperia XZ4 rumors, there is another prove of a possible Sony Xperia XA3 with a screen of a 21:19 aspect ratio – the same thing we predicted in the Xperia XZ4. Sony will likely name this its CinemaWide display.

Sumahoinfo have revealed a few images of the device. The images reveal what appears to be an upcoming Sony device. Looking at the image, you will see that the device has a tall display. And according to rumors, the images was captured from a live video that have since been deleted.

Sony Xperia XA3

This images just confirmed the latest renders that was revealed by @rquandt few days ago. The camera positioning is similar. There is a horizontally placed dual – camera system with an LED flash just over it. Rumors revealed that there will be 23MP in one of those cameras.

We can see three buttons on the right side – the power and volume control button. The finger print scanner sits between the two. During the days of Xperia X when finger print button was not allowed on imported devices from US, Sony had a patent issues with integrating the fingerprint scanner directly in the power button. But looking at the picture, the button placement is the same as that of those renders’ leaks in those days.

Sony Xperia XA3

We are still wondering how apps will accommodate such tall display in this Sony Xperia XA3. This is the first time we are seeing such tall display and we hope that Google’s development guidelines will easily accommodate this tall display. Although, games may likely take some time before they can fill up this tall display.

There are rumors that the display will have an FHD+ resolution of 1080x2560px screen size and also leaks revealed that the Sony Xperia XA3 and XA3 ultra will come in 5.6 – inches and 6.5 – inches display. The device might also run on Android 8.0 Oreo and will likely be powered by snapdragon 660 chipset .

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